How to Prepare for a Professional Moving Company

After months on the market, you finally sold your house and bought your dream home. Now all that is left for you to do is pack up the old place and settle in. The only thing you are dreading is what packing up and moving a home entails. Long hours spent filling boxes and living in a half-empty home before finally hauling your things into a moving truck and then to your next home. It is not something you have been looking forward to. In fact, you have been dreading it.

Thankfully there are professional moving companies that are experienced and proficient when it comes to packing up a home and shifting it to a new location. You do not have to worry about hours spent emptying closets and cupboards or hurting your back lugging your personal belongings to the moving vehicle. Just keep in mind, there are a few ways to prepare.

  1. Go Through Your Home First

While the moving company will take care of boxing up your house there is a bit of leg work to do before they arrive. If you have been living in the old home for a number of years it is likely you have accumulated some things you do not want to bring with you to the new one. So spend some time going through your closets and drawers and sell, donate, or recycle everything you have outgrown or are no longer essential to your household. Be ruthless in this endeavour.

  1. Organize and Clean the House

While you still have to do some serious cleaning after the movers have packed up your belongings you can do some organizing before they arrive. This makes there job much easier as you won’t have clutter and other homeless items laying around your house for them to move around. The house should be very organized and tidy with everything in its proper place. Boxing up your personal items will be a lot faster if they have a proper place prior to the packing.

  1. Create an Inventory List and Take Some Pictures

While most moves using a professional moving company are smooth and done in an efficient manner this is not always so. Mistakes can happen and loss and damage is possible especially with long distance moves. So it is essential for you to create an inventory list of your important belongings. Also take some pictures of your furniture showing the shape it is in pre-move. You likely will never use them but it is good to have them on hand just in case.

  1. Label Your Boxes Clearly

If you have made the decision to pack your own belongings it is important to always label each box clearly. Put which room it belongs to and also include what is in it for your sake on the other end. Movers cannot guess which boxes or containers have fragile or delicate items inside so be sure to include this on the outside so they know to handle it with care.

  1. Keep Valuables on Hand

It is never a good idea to put expensive items such as jewelry or original art into a moving van and so instead keep it with you. Also, any family heirlooms or items with special sentimental value need to be set aside and moved by you. When things are stacked together in a vehicle there is always a change of damage so ensure you keep it separated so it won’t be put into the truck with your other belongings.

  1. Remember the Refreshments

Moving is a lot of hard work and spending the day lifting heavy items and shifting them in and out of a moving van takes a lot of time and energy. In order to treat your movers right be sure to have some snacks and refreshments on hand. Though they will not expect it, it is a polite and thoughtful thing to do. Even if you just have some water and a couple of sugary drinks it will be much appreciated.

  1. Don’t Forget the Tip

Make sure you have some cash on hand to tip your movers at the end of a very long day. While it is optional it is customary to tip professional movers. So keep with the times and be someone who shows gratitude for good service. Tip more for difficult moves with lots of stairs and awkward heavy items.