What is the Importance of Packaging in Ecommerce Companies?

As ecommerce has become an integral part of many businesses, retailers have now recognized the power of packaging. Retailers should always aim for optimizing the convenience of the customer and prioritizing the sustainability and cost effectiveness at the same time. Smart ecommerce packaging is beneficial for businesses as well as customers. It is inevitable that how a product is packaged can hold much influence over customers as the popularity and the quality of the product itself. Now, as there is zero one size fits all solution for the ecommerce packaging, here are a few important considerations to make.

In store versus E-commerce packaging

Ecommerce packaging varies from conventional retail packaging in many vital ways. The brick and mortar businesses prioritize appealing designs, aiming for dual purpose of attracting in store customers and acting as an attractive ad for the brand once the customer leaves the store with the purchase. In store packaging must entail practical features like measurement information and theft deterrent, which isn’t in alignment with the online shopping sphere. In order to optimize packaging for ecommerce, companies need to consider what serves the customer best. Durability, compactness, and sustainability come to consideration here.

In order to optimize the ecommerce packaging, reduce the shipping cost for the distributor and the customer both, shield the product against damage in transit and source eco-friendly materials. With recycled and durable materials, optimized packaging can provide more sustainable business model in economic as well as environmental terms. These features matter to the customers as well. Now as people are becoming more environmentally conscious these days, the use of recycled materials adds a significant value for the retailers wishing to appeal the new generation of savvy customers. Customers are also fond of compact and easy to open boxes and customized packaging which are important factors to consider for the brands seeking to stand out in the sea of bulky and characterless cardboard boxes.

Leading industry trends

Ecommerce companies don’t need to choose between durable packaging and eco-friendly materials. They focus on a simple and sustainable packaging which keeps your costs low and puts less impact on the environment, and increase the customer satisfaction as well. Many companies desire to opt zero waste business models to reduce the total volume of product packaging while using it in an ecofriendly way and using the repurposable materials for their packaging needs. The ecofriendly companies like belley.net are reimagining the look of the ecommerce packaging, the easy open trend and with that, the sustainable packaging has become increasingly prevalent.