Things to Consider While Renting an Apartment and Hiring Movers in New York

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world. In case you’re planning to move to a new city, then there’s no better option. However, it is important that before renting an apartment in New York, you research well about the area and facilities available there. This guide will brief you some tips to make your movement to New York smooth and hassle free.

Things to Consider

  • Facilities

It is important that the apartment which you’re planning to rent has all the basic facilities such as water supply, electricity connection, sewage connections etc. Nowadays, buying and selling of apartment works through online brokerage. In certain cases, it is possible that the owner is claiming about availability of a particular facility which is not available in actual. Hence, it becomes important that you cross verify the details.

 You can do this either by visiting the apartment on your own or by hiring an agent, who will first check the details and will inform you accordingly. Nowadays, there are numerous such agents who provide useful information by charging nominal fee. Hence, make sure that before paying advance, you are sure about the facilities at apartment.

  • Availability Of Schools In Nearby Area

When you’re moving to a new place with your entire family, it is important to check that the apartment which you’re buying has nearby schools. Nobody will like to rent an apartment in the area where there’re no schools nearby. For this, you can specifically mention to your real estate consultant that you’re looking for an apartment having schools nearby.

Apart from the availability of schools, it is also important to check if the schools available near the apartment are “good” or not. Of course, an estate consultant might not be able to help you in this point. This is because the classification of “good” or “bad” is a subjective matter which totally depends upon what points we’re referring to. Hence, in such cases, it is important that you do some research on your own. This can be done by checking the reviews and feedback of schools available in that area.

  • Availability Of Restaurants

After shifting to New York, it will require you some time to settle the things down. Within one day of shifting, you might not be able to cook meal at home. Moreover, at times, everyone wants to have lunch or dinner meals outside with family. Hence, it is important that the area in which you’re residing has good restaurants nearby.

For this, ask the estate consultant directly about availability of food points near to your apartment. In case your estate consultant doesn’t have good information on this, or he/she is hesitant to share the details with you, then do some research on your own? Make sure that the restaurants are not very far from the apartment and they offer free home delivery for ordered items.

  • Check About Broker’s Charges

The estate consultant/broker, whom you’ll hire for renting an apartment in New York City, will surely ask for a good sum as his/her commission. Hence, it is important that you pre-occupy yourself with the information related to broker’s commission. You can refer to internet for checking the ongoing broker’s commission in New York. Having a prior knowledge of current broker’s fee trend will help you to negotiate better. In case you lack information, there are chances of being cheated.

  • Don’t Get Deceived By Description

Just because the advertiser/owner has mentioned that the apartment is “luxurious” doesn’t mean it actually is! Hence, it is important that you don’t go by descriptions mentioned in the advertisements and rather check the details on your own. In case certain details are missing from the description. It means that apartment doesn’t have such facilities. Henceforth, make sure that you visit the apartment once and check if the apartment is actually similar to what is mentioned in the advertisement.

  • Material Moving Costs

After you have checked the apartment details and made the advance payment, it is about packing and moving the belongings to new place. While moving to your new apartment, you need to plan about handling the entire process of relocating from present location to the new one. There are numerous old furniture items and other things that you need to take to your new apartment.

 In case you live alone, then moving to your new apartment can be very cumbersome. In such cases, it is better that you hire movers for your Manhattan move. The material moving specialists can help you to shift your belongings to new apartment without causing any damage.

Following are some tips to hire professional material removalists:

  1. Movers Should Have Inventory Creation Knowledge

Though most of us prepare a checklist of belongings while shifting from one place to another, however, it is important that the movers which you have hired keep detailed documents with themselves.

They should prepare a checklist while packing the belongings. Such checklist should have comprehensive detail of every item that is being moved. This will make the unpacking of material easier and you will be able to keep a record of whether you have brought everything or not. Dumbo NYC Movers is one such material removal company in New York City.

  1. Work Professionalism

It is important that the movers you’re hiring have knowledge and expertise to do work professionally. The chosen company should be using good quality packing material, which is designed especially for storage and transportation of the belongings. Moreover, the removalists should have experience in shifting all types of materials.

Such an experience will ensure that they can easily judge how to keep your belongings for safe transit. Moreover, the movers should know to correctly strap your belongings to avoid any damage during material transportation. You can check the quality of services provided by going through customer reviews.


Hope this guide will help you to rent a wonderful apartment in NYC.